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Environment Information
At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.

Alphabetical by name of thing. Please suggest improvements and additions. Note: I change the date whenever I update this, so it will pop up every now and then. Rest assured it's not all new. Big changes will have a post of their own.

Updated for 10. You will see these changes in the templates when you start a project in 10. I figured now is the time to make changes. Nothing too major:

+Z SK Title is gone. SK titles should be placed in the layout only.

• Most +L layers become +C instead. C=Civil and is more standard.

+L House Outline becomes +C Footprint.

Z Light is new, for sun and sky objects for LightWorks rendering.

• We're going to use real section markers:

+Z SE & Detail Object becomes +Z SE Print. Use this layer for sections that print.

+Z S/E Tool becomes +Z SE Hide. Use this layer for junk sections and others you don't want to see in plan. (At the beginning of the project, all the markers are on the hidden layer. Move them to the Print layer as needed.)

+A Roof Plan Line is gone. Use A Roof2.

Item Layer Note
Area Calculation Fill Z Measurement Consider zones instead.
Baseboard F Trim Int Lo
Bathtub P Fixture
Beam, Structural S Beam Control 3D/Section display in object settings.
Beam, Structural S Framing Hidden in 3D. Alternate to setting control above.
Bench A Cabs2
Bookshelves A Cabs2
Bracket F Trim Int/Ext Hi/Lo/Mid
Builtins A Cabs2
Builtin Labels ("Bench") +A Arch Note Reg Scale
Cabinet A Cabs2 To display in Plan & 3D; use thin, dotted line
Cabinet A Cabs3 To display in 3D only
Car; Plan F Furniture
Ceiling A Ceiling3
Ceiling Finish F Clg Fin3 Drywall, panels, etc.
Centerline Object +A Arch Note Reg Scale To display in Plan, otherwise ! Guide
Centerpoint Object ! Guide
Chimney Parts A Fireplace To display in Plan & 3D
Chimney Parts A Chimney3 To display in 3D only
Clip Line (Ceiling) A Soffit2
Closet Shelf A Cabs2
Coffer Beams A Soffit2 Use a dotted line for the beam or slab.
Column, Decorative F Trim Int/Ext Mid To display in 3D only
Column, Decorative F Trim2 To display in Plan & 3D, not in structure
Column, Structural S Column
Column, Steel in Basement S Col Steel To show in Foundation plan
Cooktop A Appl
Counter A Cabs2
Crown F Trim Crown To display in RCP, otherwise F Trim Hi
Cutline, Stair A Stair2
Deck Railing A Deck2
Deck Railing A Deck Railing To hide in Structure Plan
Deck Structure S Deck
Deck Surface A Deck2 To display in Plan & 3D
Deck Surface A Deck3 To display in 3D only
Drawing Area (Object) +Z Drawing Area
Drawing Title Note layer of drawing type
Driveway (Mesh) L Drive3
Elec Fixtures Complicated.
Elec Fixture Symbols, Wall & Floor E Fixt2 To display in Elec Plan
Elec Fixtures, Wall & Floor E Fixt3 To display in Elec Plan, Int Elevs, Views
Elec Fixture Symbols, Ceiling E Fixt Clg2 To display in EP, RCP
Elec Fixtures, Ceiling E Fixt Clg3 To display in EP, RCP, Int Elevs, Views
Elec Fixtures, exterior, modeled E Fixt Ext3 To display in EP, 1/4" Elevs, Views
Elec Fixtures, exterior, ceiling, modeled E Fixt Ext Clg3 To display in EP, RCP, 1/4" Elevs, Views
Elevator +A Arch Note Reg Scale
Energy Calculation Fill Z Measurement
Firebox A Fireplace
Floor Finish Fills F Floor Fin2
Flooring, Finish F Floor Fin3
Flue Parts A Flue
Footing S Footing Use a dotted line for the slab.
Foundation Perimeter on Site Plan +C Footprint
Foundation Walls & Piers S Wall2 To display in Plan & 3D
Foundation Walls S Wall3 To display in 3D only
Furniture F Furniture
Gross Area Calc Fill Z Gross Area Don't use zones.
Gutter F Gutter
Hearth A Cabs2
Hotspot (Drawing Aid) ! Guide, ! Site Guide Not needed, use sparingly, reconsider.
Hotspot (Plan Alignment) Archicad Layer
Hotspot (Other Alignment) Note layer of drawing type
House on Site Plan +C House Line
Joists, 2D Fill S Framing
Joists, Modeled S Framing3 Non-print; S2 Model only. Optional.
Mask Fills, S/E +A Misc Line
Mechanical Fixtures M Fixture To display in 3D
Mechanical Fixtures +M Elec Note To display in Mechanical Plan only
Note Leader Note layer of drawing type
Note Text Note layer of drawing type
Object Resources Z Object Lab
Oven, wall A Cabs3 To hide in plan. The cabinet goes on Cabs2.
Oven, wall A Appl To display in plan.
Panels F Trim Int/Ext Mid The wall with the panel windows.
Panels, trim, in slabs/roofs F Trim Int/Ext Hi Hidden in RCP
Panels, trim, in slabs/roofs F Trim Crown To display in RCP
Patches Layer of patched elements In S/E, use +A Misc Line
Picture (Scanned) Z Image Scan
Pool A Deck2
Rafters, Modeled S Framing3 Non-print; S2 Model only. As needed.
Refrigerator A Appl
Roof A Roof2 To display in plan & 3D
Roof A Roof3 To display in 3D only
Roof Overhead (dotted) A Roof2
Roof Plan Fills F Floor Fin2 Almost obsolete; use real roofs!
Roof Structure (Thick) A Roof
Roof, Cutting X Cutting Roof
Room Name Object (Plan) +Z Zones Use zones instead
Section/Elevation Elements +Z SE Print SE cutters to print, and SE/Detail Objects
Section/Elevation Elements +Z SE Hide Non-printing SE cutters
Shower Head P Fixture
Shower Pan P Fixture
Sink, Bath P Fixture
Sink, Kitchen P Fixture
Site (Mesh) L Grade
Site Boundary +C Site Line.E
Site Contour, existing +C Contour.E
Site Contour, new/modified +C Contour.N
Site Contour Labels +C Site Note
Site Cutting SEO Operators X Site Cutting
Soffit, Exterior A Soffit3
Solid Element Operators X SEO General
Stair Arrow +A Arch Note Reg Scale
Stair Newel A Stair Railing
Stair Railing A Stair Railing To hide in Structure Plan
Stair Stringer (Wall, Object) A Stair2, A Stair3
Stair Tread (Slab, Roof) A Stair2, A Stair3
Sun, Sky Objects (Lamps) Z Light
Switch Path (Electrical) +E Elec Note
Toilet P Fixture
Title Block, Main +A Arch Note Reg Scale
Tree, Model L Tree3
Tree, To remain, Symbol L Tree2.E
Tree, Remove, Symbol L Tree2.D
Tree, Show in Arch Plan L Tree A.E Model or symbol
Vanity Top A Cabs2
Wainscot F Trim Int Lo/Mid
Wall Poche Mask +A Wall Mask
Washer/Dryer A Appl
Zone for Room +Z Zones