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At Rill Architects we run ArchiCAD on macOS. If you work at Rill, this is your stuff. If you don't, but you work in ArchiCAD, you may find something interesting. Anybody else, I don't know.

Belated documentation of slightly modified, long-established AC10 project folder setup.

The top level looks like this:

• The project file is at the top level. If it's a gigantic project with a separate layout file, it goes at the top too. (This hasn't happened, yet.) If you are using hotlinked (not merged) modules, they can go at the top too, as long there aren't dozens of them. If there are a lot, put the modules in 1 Design / Modules.

1 Design. Everything that is part of the project, whether in the documents or in reality.

• Consultants: Files from landscape, HVAC, interiors, etc. (Not the topo survey; that goes in 4 Site & Existing Conditions / Site Info.)

• Modules: Temporary modules for passing data between projects, stuff like that. Hot-linked modules should be placed at the top level.

• Product Info: Finishes, fixtures, appliances, etc. Manufacturers' information.

• Schedules: Excel spreadsheets and other disconnected lists.

• Schematics: All the files associated with Schematic Design, including the project file.

• Specifications: Specification documents.

• Teamwork: All teamwork files. Save the shared project (PLP) here. Save drafts (PLC) here too.

2 Output: All the files used to communicate the project to anyone.

• Competitions: Files related to submissions. If a project is submitted more than once, use sub-folders with descriptive names.

• DWG Out: DWGs to send to others.

• Movs & Pics: Output images. VR Scenes, renderings, etc. Not VR objects though, see below. And, no site photos, those go in Site & Existing or Construction Images.

• PDF Archive: PDF output. Use dated folders as needed. (The Plot archive folder is gone. If you have PLTs for some reason put them here too.)

• Post-Project Binder: Files for making the binder, including PDFs of the pages, and the copy of the PLN.

• Publisher Outbox: Target folder for all file-saving Publisher sets in the project. More info here.

• Web Docs: Files for the website.

• VR Objects: We go after these a lot so I thought they should be separate from the other Pics.

3 Contract & Correspondence: Administrative documents, including contracts and proposals. Remember that specs belong in Design.

4 Site & Existing Conditions: Site information, and existing conditions, including photos, if applicable. Includes the project file for the existing structure. The 'Existing.PLN' will be left here by a save as when the addition project starts.

• Site Info: Surveyor topo data.

5 Construction & Completion Images: Images from the construction in progress, and of the completed project. Perhaps it is odd to have such a specialized folder at the top level, but I think it makes it easier for people to find.

6 Old Files: Old files.